Saturn in Virgo

Yes, you have pieces of all twelve signs in your horoscope, but the level of intensity and personal investment changes depending on when you were born. If you remember a major shift that occurred for you between 1978-79, you probably will experience this transit more personally. If you weren’t born yet, you might want to get a copy of your horoscope, just to see how this may affect you.

It is noted that President Bush chose that day to visit Iraq. Based on his record, I doubt he was advised by an astrologer (oh, what a different world we’d be living in!) but the synchronicity of the act is interesting.

While Saturn was in Leo, the public required leaders of great stature. Bush has suffered in the opinion polls for some time. As we move into Virgo, it is essential to clean up. Whether or not his policies address the need to organize, plan and selflessly toil for the greater good, he did enter into the microcosm of the occupation. This seems to indicate direct taking-stock, a very Virgoan attitude. However, simply posturing is unforgivable in the growing climate, so his best bet is to roll up his shirtsleeves and put his shoulder to the wheel.

The candidates for the US presidency 2008 will do well to note the mandates of the Saturn transit: healthcare issues, service, unemployment and corporate excesses.

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