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Yes, I agree the numbers 11.11.11 have a resonance to them. I don’t want to stop the magic or the mysticism; I think any trigger that pulls people together to chant, meditate, sing, dance, create and hope is a wonderful opportunity. I know people are flying to Egypt, Sedona and other sacred places on the planet. If you’re interested in a local venue, people are gathering to drum and create ceremony. I’ll be quiet in my own space, although the odds are good a moonlight walk is on the menu.

Also, in the U.S. it is Veteran’s Day. It is no coincidence that a day touted to be a portal to spiritual renaissance is also one in which one country honors the men and women who have served in the military. May they be granted the services that reflect the sacrifice they have given, in spite of financial cut-backs.

When people ask me about the “why” of 11.11.11, I refer them to channelers or other writings. Since my symbolic language is astrology, tarot and numerology I am open to others but I look for grounding in what I know. With astrology as my anchor, I am looking at 11.11.11 as the tail after a couple of powerful days. In other words, don’t miss the present while you’re waiting for the “big day”.

On 11/9/11 the planet Neptune turns direct from our perspective here on Earth. This may be a disorienting day for some of us, as themes of denial, victimization, deception, spiritual connection and creativity come to the surface. Definitely positive in some ways and most likely confusing in others; reflect. Ceres is also going direct, increasing our desire to nurture, sustain and follow-through.

11/10/11 the Taurus Full Moon shines on our beautiful Blue Planet. Allow your inner light to look clearly at issues to do with finances and to “take stock”. There is danger in thinking “what I don’t see won’t hurt me”. When a new venture presents itself, listen. When you talk, ask deeper questions.

Decisions must be made. To quote Thomas Paine: “Lead, follow or get out of the way”. When a full moon shows aspects of tension and frustration, it is like a woman who’s pregnancy is overdue… something must come forth. It may not flow, but it can’t be held back forever.

The astrology of 11.11.11 is relatively quiet. It does look like people will be convivial, especially once the moon enters Gemini at 3:10 pm ET. Prior to that don’t be surprised if most people want to chew on their solitary thoughts. The evening looks lovely for a social event or a simple stroll in the neighborhood. Do I see any of the intense planetary action that has been rocking our world since 2008? Not significantly.

From a numerology point of view, 11 + 11 + 11 is a master number = 11 x 3 as “33“, which symbolizes a consciousness of ascended awareness: Christ-like expression. If 11.11.11 can be a day where we “love one another, because love is from God”*, then it is a perfect day.

However, from a purist numerology point of view, 11 + 11 + 2011 really adds up to an “8“. This actually works well with the whammy we’re getting from Pluto in Capricorn as we grapple with how to handle power, authority and money.

My perspective on the reverence for 11.11.11 is it is reminding us that we are indeed part of Source. With Neptune Direct right before this day, many people will float in blissed denial to their responsibilities. Yet others will hear more loudly than ever, their spiritual responsibility requires continual effort to make this world, Heaven on Earth.

Wherever you are on 11.11.11, may you smile under the light of the just past full moon.

*1 John 4:7

©Cucinell 2011- all rights reserved

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