IMG_1448Forecast 4/21 Be alert in the morning, when a Mercury/Pluto picture may stir up the need to communicate.

It is essential that you reflect on whatever undercurrent may be stirring the conversation so that thoughts are translated in the clearest manner. If you find yourself in a discussion that feels as though all the cards are not on the table, you’re right. It may be prudent to table it for another time.

The Virgo moon encourages a sense of productivity. This requires judicious decisions of where to put your energy. Many people may fall into the snare of taking on too much or getting tunnel-visioned and therefor choosing too narrow a course.

It may be better to plan and map out all possibilities at this time then jumping into something you will have to modify. Good day for therapeutic and healing work.

Since this is Earth Day weekend, find an activity to celebrate the Virgo energy of being one with and/or caretaking the environment.

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