lightningtxA Change in the Weather

The daily forecast is changing-  I still will offer an energetic resonance for each day, but the format that has existed has shifted.

There are many reasons for the shift.

As an advisor, I often find myself confronting my own demons, even as I help clients with theirs. Over the past 10 years, I have dealt with some tough issues of aging parents, as my father, mother and mother-in-law required more care. This has brought home the ephemeral reality of life and how important it is to do the work that calls to me.

I believe aging has been particularly fraught for the Pluto in Cancer generation (people born from 1912 to 1937). Pluto is the planet of ultimate transformation – it destroys outworn ways of existence, reveals the toxic underbelly and forces a new way of being. This generation came out of the Depression and strove to create stability for their families. They tended to value the ability to give their children a better life, while instilling them with work ethics.

This generation born when Pluto was in Cancer, valued their concepts of family and allegiance to home. In the United States, unprecedented crops of homeowners erupted after WWII spawned the GI Bill and the identification of the “greatest generation”. Decades later some were dubbed the “silent generation” as they accepted the status quo that seemed essential to their contract with the American Way.

Of course there are always exceptions to the generational “rules” which come about based on a person’s birthday/time and the relation that Pluto had with the other planets on that specific birthday.

oldThe allegiance and strong identification to home has limited many of the Pluto in Cancer generation as they have clung to the ideals of what retirement looks like and/or the attachment to their property. We see signs of this shift for the Pluto in Leo generation (birth years 1939 – 1957). The Baby Boomers have inspired mushrooming senior living facilities with state-of-the-art gyms, tennis courts and cruises. Sustainable living senior communities pop up as alternatives to the classic golf club options. 

Today’s Capricorn Moon certainly brings up a threshold of transformation for each of us; how subtle or intense it is for you has to do with how directly it affects your personal horoscope. You may be arrested by a news broadcast or confronted by a personal challenge (Donald Trump certainly is).

Keep in mind that this has been an incredibly stressful time for everyone on the planet. We are barraged with images and information about injustice, cruelty, destruction and situations that seem beyond our control. The critical piece in all the tumult is to keep control of oneself.

One of my great teachers over the years has been my mother-in-law, Mercedes. This is not her intention, nor would she necessarily be flattered by this fact. Much of what she teaches me are the dangers of the illusion of “being in control”. When we work so hard at determining every aspect of our existence, we close out any opportunity for assistance or opportunity from another dimension.

Recently Mercedes had a back spasm. She was told she had to “move through the pain” in order to heal, but it terrified her. Within 10 days she had created an invalid lifestyle for herself and now is in rehab with aggressive physical therapy. Although our hope is that she will recover to the point where she can be released, we are aware that our next step will be to guide her into an acceptable senior housing facility.

Mercedes is going through a Pluto transit that has stirred up all her fears— fear of aging and inability to control her daily life; this is natural as we age, but we don’t have to spiral into continual negative reactions.

In her case it’s extreme because she has a deep distrust of people. She has her reasons, due to a difficult childhood, but when we don’t work on our deep-rooted fears they will paralyze us. This gets harder of course, as we age.

I tell you this story because part of today’s energetic undertow is a pull towards something you may not want to see. Face it head-on even if it upsets preconceived plans.

Be confident that you can and will weather any turmoil. A commitment to the process is the responsible course.