When the US Air plane landed gracefully in the Hudson River at 3:26 pm on 1/15, Mercury was retrograde and the moon was void-of-course. Even though this combination would not be desired in an event one was planning, it always pays to look at the big picture.

Saturn (discipline, responsibility)   was still in orb to the moon in Virgo (precision, service), indicating the clear headedness of the participants (not just the pilot). I noticed he’s been with US Air for 29 years (this landing is a heck of a Saturn-return!) Saturn is still in opposition with Uranus (change, the unexpected) and the opposition was straddling the midheaven at the time of the incident.

The great astrologer William Lilly wrote that the void-of-course moon (not making any geometric aspects to any planets before it leaves a sign) could not be considered totally inauspicious in a certain situation. If it would immediately aspect a planet upon entering the adjacent sign, it might mitigate possible mishaps. 

In the case of this amazing event, Jupiter (luck) in Aquarius was waiting for the moon with open arms. And even though it may have ratcheted up Mercury’s tendency to delay in retrograde, I have no doubt the survivors of that plane are counting their blessings tonight.

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