Wednesday 4.1 If you have too many plans in the AM, be alert to potential “misses”. A void-of-course moon sets the stage for a perfect morning of organizing and discarding things. It does not lend itself for power meetings or successful business transactions.

It is a good time however, to send out your tax forms if you’ve completed them. A void-of-course moon is very useful for doing anything you’d like to be “off the radar”.

Once the moon enters Cancer at 12:30 pm, the energy becomes much more fertile for ideas and projects to take root. Strong pictures in the sky between Venus and Pluto suggest that misunderstandings or difficulties may occur, especially with women. The best way to cope if you find yourself in a stressful encounter is to try not to take it personally.

This may also manifest as a challenge with finances or a choice about where to invest your energy. A satisfying dinner may help ground the body and put you in a better position to see the big picture.