I love April Fools Day, which is mainly because of my mother… her birthday meant she always got a joke present along with the nice ones. But be wary of any jokes you pull and watch your step for ones that might be tripped on you.

Little Rascals

There is a tendency to go over the top today that might lead to mishaps and misinterpretations. Malice is probably not the intention, but feelings can be hurt. If you’re the one who feels wronged, try to step into an objective perspective. If you’re the one who feels someone is overeacting, make sure you listen to the other person’s point of view.

In spite of the potential silliness, luck is in the air. It is also a good time for shrewd research. Mercury is still in sensitive Pisces , magnifying an ability to connect psychically with another but indicating stumbles if you prefer a verbal playing field.