2/13/2010 This is a fun day for play and spending time with friends. The New Moon in Aquarius 2┬░ occurs at 9:51 pm ET. Because of the position of Neptune in the sky, this indicates a very spiritual orientation to the mood of the moon.

Any ritual or intention set for this time of new beginnings can feel quite magical; if you pray or meditate, reflect on angels, ancestors and /or spirit guides, you will feel their presence acutely. Creating ceremony can be very satisfying, especially in a group. If you attend any kind of gathering or service, you may feel a deeper connection than usual.

If you’re not one for ritual, you can still enjoy an awareness of focus for bringing in success in your endeavors. Communication, friendship, writing and a celebration of your hopes and wishes are good focal points for the Aquarian New Moon.

Snow Branches ┬ęCucinell 2010