Thursday 6/11 Ordinarily when the moon is in Aquarius, ideas may crackle and sweep innovations your way. But Venus and Mars are lining up in Taurus, so even potentially beneficial changes may meet resistance.

If you’re the one trying to instigate the reform, you might want to conserve energy. You’re trying to move a boulder. Wait until you see signs of erosion in a few days.

If you’re the one rooted in routine, consider a way someone else initiates all the changes. Then you move when it’s comfortably set up.

Of course, this may also be a tug of war happening inside of you, if you want to change but are attached to the routine. If this is the case, look for inspiration to allow you to give each piece its due.

PS for Taurus: you’re vibrating with a lot of radiant energy right now, so put on your party clothes and shine!