The Aquarius New Moon is exact at 2:39 am ET at 2°42”.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is: “A deserter from the Navy”. Why someone enlisted would desert the military can have more than one explanation. Looking at the symbolism at this point in time, calls in the Aquarius energy of the collective and celebration of freedom within common goals.

Yet the Navy is a militaristic collective, and the “deserter” is the principle player in the symbol. So the conclusion can be that the deserter has separated from the cause and detached from being part of the machine. The planet Mars,(symbolizes desire, how you assert yourself, aggression and the libido) goes retrograde at 7:54 pm ET (until mid-April).

It would seem the deserter is back-peddling with Mars, to reassess what is important to fight for or to figure out where does the passion lie?

Another event on 1/23 is the Chinese year of the Dragon begins. Dragons are the most dynamic animal in the Chinese zodiac (they are, after all mythical creatures). It makes perfect symbolic sense that a Dragon would lead this year of purported change.

Back to the New Moon in Aquarius, this is a great day to begin an enterprise that heralds change or supports networking or a cause. Whether or not you take it out the door today, draft out plans for what you truly believe is where you’d like to make a difference. Then get out of your way and trust the invitation to come.

Every seed gets planted by first breaking ground, so start somewhere. You may already be very active in visionary or humanitarian work; if this is the case the New Moon is a great time for adjustment to make sure you are indeed on track or if you want to change directions. Every individual who works for change, creates a momentum which in 2012, can reach critical mass.