A fast-paced day, especially for fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). Regardless of your horoscope, you may be considering what YOU want in relation to what S/HE wants.

The Aries Full Moon occurs at 10:06 p.m. ET. At 18° 24”, the Sabian symbol for the Moon is: “The magic carpet” and the Sun: “A gang of robbers in hiding”.

These are striking images for the full moon that has to do with an individual’s desire vs. relationships. If the longing is about taking flight and disappearing high and above the rabble, then it becomes hard to reconcile with the solar impulse of immersion into a mob. But the image of an alliance of thieves is not one that conjures a noble reason for union.

The more appealing image is to soar above criminal intent. At the full moon, the emotional body is charged by the light (or insight) of the Sun. So your intelligent mind has an opportunity to merge with the heart of your soul.

In this case, it’s as though the part of you that hides through another throws a beam on your heartfelt desire. What is it that you are unable to bring down to Earth because the drive is so illusive?

It might feel as though your wishes were stolen to make them real to you. Only when you no longer have them, do you realize how dear they are to you. Sometimes a wish gets to the hatching point where you either have to act on it or discard it. So who is really stealing your chance from you?

Or it may be that until you share that goal with another, that you will run forever from potential thieves and therefore never make it tangible in your life.

This is an opportunity for reflection…. and I’m betting it will be a beautiful night. Enjoy!

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