The New Moon in Aries occurs at 13°30” at 10:32 am ET. The Sabian symbol connected to it is: “A serpent coiling near a man and a woman”. Depending on your comfort level with snakes, this image could intrigue or upset you. If your reaction is the former, let’s talk! If it’s the latter, consider this:

I expected JK Rowling would be born in the Chinese year of the Snake because of her depiction of serpents throughout the Harry Potter novels. She paints their venomous, dark quality beautifully. It is however, the expression she reveals of the snake’s other side that made me know she was a snake woman. For those not familiar with the books, Rowling has the evil Voldemort speak to snakes and employ that seductive, poisonous energy. But the thorn in his side is Harry Potter, the boy who he inadvertently empowered as a baby when his spell to destroy him backfired. So Harry too, can speak to snakes and summon their force.

The image of a man and woman is one of opposites. Yet this yin/yang dance is what joins to create all human life. The coiling snake symbolizes the desire to conjoin opposites, but like the infinity symbol of the horizontal “8”, this can never be done totally. Yet, there is a vibration that is created when a man and woman join and become a couple, that is not one or the other but something new. This dynamic is alive in same gender relationships, because the yin/yang dance is the same.

The coiling snake is an active reminder that if you choose to be in a relationship, whether romantic, parental, professional or friendship, you are pulling together two entities to create a sense of wholeness. To complete a yearning, a need, a mandate. Yet in order to move forward, the snake must uncoil, must undulate with its head in front and trust that its tail will follow.

With this New Moon, think about what you’d like to strike out and do on your own, secure in the knowledge that someone has your back. If you can’t think of anyone who does, look in the mirror; it’s definitely time to move forward.

With a Mars/Uranus picture in the sky and a lot of Aries force, there is tremendous momentum to do something that may surprise you. Reflect on ways that you can initiate desire without an upset or rash move.

Another truth of a snake is that it cyclically must shed its skin in order to grow. What clings to you that may prohibit your growth? You may surprise yourself with the alacrity in which you release something in the next several weeks. Uranus triggers the unexpected, although not necessarily the unpremeditated.

This may be particularly dramatic for those with strong placements of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn in their horoscopes, especially Sun, Moon or Rising Signs…

Don’t hesitate to open conversations, but do think about what effects your words may have. Good communication will keep you on track, the same way Harry found greater awareness through listening to snakes.

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