Traditionally an Aries New Moon captures the spark of the Spring Equinox symbolically, and pushes your new year’s agenda forward. We are reborn in the spring; many celebrate the resurrection of Christ and even older than that are stories of the return of the Green Man and advent of new growth.

This Aries New Moon has a strong vein of creativity and mysticism about it, which is heightened in the location of DC…. it makes me think that change and growth now begins with reflection and solitude; not an aggressive forward thrust (usually indicative of this new moon).

Writing and messages from our children, as well as long-term residents of health care institutions are getting their voices heard with greater frequency. Our president may still have his hands tied, but freedom of action may be more apparent in the women in his life. As I write this, Michelle Obama is in Haiti, a surprise to many but a move indicative of behind-the-scenes thinking.

Chelsea Runner ©Cucinell 2010

Actions started today that are based on hope without fear of any necessary arguments are well-poised to succeed…. but get them started before 3:23 pm ET.

After that until 6:55 pm ET the moon is Void-of-Course. Once it goes into Taurus, you are on solid ground where you can root your agenda for the long haul.

To see better how this effects you personally, look to see where you have Aries in your horoscope. This will show you the area of life you will be planting spring seeds for the big dream.