Wednesday 5/20 Lots of little hitches may occur today. Try not to let them throw you. There may be a level of impatience with the Aries moon, but you don’t have to let it rule you. Be sure to work out at the gym or take a brisk walk. It’s important to blow off some steam today, even if you’re not aware there’s any building up within you.

It is especially important to take your time with any contracts or disclosures. Make sure the reader/listener will interpret the information as you wish. It is better to delay the message than present it half-baked.

The Sun moves into Gemini at 5:51 pm ET. This may intensify the “disconnect” in many conversations. As agendas are pushed through with increasing alacrity, the backhanded slowness of Mercury retrograde may trip up the possibility for smooth results. If you can sidestep the demand for speed, you may come out victorious.