Monday 6/15 There are subtle changes that occur today that may have a far-reaching impact. Because of Mercury’s placement, any project in communications or electronics that had been dragging may start to push forward. This may also involve a contract or litigation of some sort.

On the other hand, since Jupiter goes retrograde, it begins a period to evaluate integrity. Some people will run from this and some will question decisions made and aim for higher ideals.

This retrograde runs through mid-October and the important thing is to avoid starting a business at this time. That’s because Jupiter direct pushes us outward to find opportunity, capital and luck but when it’s retrograde we go within. So unless your business requires an internal process, you might want to backpedal for a few months.

Jupiter retrograde may bode well for refreshing the spirit, but not for successful endeavors in the outer world. Nonetheless, it is a good day to begin creative projects within an existing business.