This is not the configuration for Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men”….. (which should read: “Good Will to All”, darn it!)

It is very important to hold objectivity and avoid getting sucked into confrontations without compromise. On the other hand, you can’t simply swallow a grievance or it may erupt in ways you can’t control.

Bronx Botanical Gdns Train Show

Bronx Botanical Gdns Train Show

Try to pace yourself in discussion, especially when you feel your heart quicken. It is essential to find ways to expend energy that work with your level of fitness. I know on the best of days, my husband loves to bait me… so I’m off to the gym before cooking commences….

Wishing you a lovely day, wherever you are and whatever you do. May you have the ability to express your thoughts appropriately and take action in ways that are meaningful to you.

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