Tuesday 10/28 Usually it’s a full moon that disrupts sleep, but you may find you wake with a heaviness this morning. If you’re feeling a need to assert yourself coupled with a vagueness as to what needs to be said, get your fire moving with a brisk walk or some yoga breaths. Clarity may not come with the New Moon in Scorpio, but you can start to focus.

With the wind in the trees, you may feel a memory of the past and your ancestors. This is an ideal time to reflect on what has been that inspires you and release what is no longer of value in your life.  The New Moon in Scorpio encourages you to regenerate and transform old visions into new beginnings.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a profound conversation with someone you encounter briefly. It’s a day when many of us may become aware of our brief dance on this planet and when we do that, we value it more.