Thursday 10/30 The moon is void-of-course in Scorpio all day today.  This bodes well for purging things you no longer need: clothes, kitchenware, papers on your desk and/or emails. Actually, if you can make a day of organizing, it will be a day well-spent. Some of you may do some emotional release as well, especially water signs.

What probably won’t work is planning meetings where something concrete is to be accomplished. Things simply do not work out as anticipated. This isn’t necessarily bad, but if your heart is set on a particular outcome, you’ll probably want to forestall commitment to a later date. If you write, make some time for songs, journaling or poetry.

It’s best to avoid any major purchases for the same reasons. So you might want to clear your desk instead of shopping. At 6:41 p.m. EST the moon moves into Sagittarius and you may notice this energy shift. You may be suddenly inspired to create a Halloween costume or grab a friend to eat in an exotic restaurant.