Thursday 11/13 This Full Moon in Taurus may be a “lulu”. A Jupiter/Uranus connection can indicate a lot of erratic energy, computer activity and/or boisterous youth. Often a full moon can culminate a thought or project, but with Neptune in the mix, things may be a bit cloudy. It could be new inspiration must ease its way in; might be time to step back, take a break or pray.

Tempers may be short; a long swim might be ideal, or a stroll through a museum. If you can’t take a soothing break, remember a cup of calming tea or a 5-minute meditation can make the difference between short-circuiting and keeping the peace.

After lunch, clear your desk and organize your thoughts before 3:11 pm EST when the moon enters Gemini. Once this occurs, time speeds up and catch up may be harder.