Monday 11/17  Try to get important tasks in place by early morning. A void-of-course moon from 8:37 am to 4:07 pm EST might thwart any new enterprise. Use the day for organizing, clearing your desk, planning strategy. You may prefer to work at home, if possible, or stay close to your base. Make sure you have a good lunch to keep focus. 

The moon enters Leo in the late afternoon and you may experience quick shifts. Save your energy for the evening when you can have more of a workout: either at the gym or running around town.

If you’re going to a movie or to hear music, plans may change but that doesn’t have to dampen your evening. If you feel lines of communication are tangled, it might be good to relax. Sometimes if you try too hard, logic gets in the way of really listening. And remember, having fun and truly laughing are as important to your well-being as diet and exercise… maybe even more-so!