Sunday 11/23  You may have a desire to be with people you really enjoy at odds with certain responsibilities. For instance, you’ve an invitation that conflicts with a task you must accomplish. The ideal is to find balance and give yourself some of the recreation that will recharge you, but not at the cost of the obligation you must fulfill. It may be that you can reward yourself in the early evening with a concert or film after you’ve done some chores to organize the upcoming week.

Or you may be responsible for something that also puts you in contact with lovely people and/or pleasant surroundings. This may be a very satisfying day if you are comfortable juggling what you want to do with what you must do.

By evening things will be more relaxed. Quiet time with someone special is magic when the moon is in Libra. Or for a more animated celebration, meet some friends for a wine-tasting, poetry slam or clothes swap or whatever feels like an enjoyable escape from everyday.