MLK Day, Monday 1/19 The Pisces Venus is swimming with the water sign Scorpio Moon. If you’re comfortable with intense emotions, you may “feel the love” today. But it’s a love with a mandate; one that anticipates giving, in order to receive.

President Elect Barack Obama sent out a message for today to encourage people to volunteer. His hard-working Virgo Mars / Capricorn Saturn trine expects the American people will be willing to accept responsibility and work for change. His request is well-timed.

If there’s something you want to bring into being that requires passion and drive stirred up by love, you may feel motivated to act on it. You may fall short of your dream, but there’s a tremendous rush in shooting for it. Remind yourself to not be discouraged if it doesn’t go as planned, but to remember the desire that drove you to try.

The Sun enters Aquarius today. Let the networking begin!

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