Saturday 12/13  After the past couple of days’ frenetic energy, you may want to stay home with the covers over your head. If this is a non-option, then thinking in terms of what feeds your “creative well” may nourish you. You may not see yourself as a creative person, but we all have different ways we create. It is your unique form of self-expression, whether its the way you work-out, organize, cook, communicate…. the list is as long as human enterprise.

So give yourself time today to play with something that stimulates you…. even if it looks like work to the casual observer. There may be a tendency to bite off more than you can chew; be sure its a manageable project within a weekend time frame. 

Puttering around the house will be satisfying for many people today; a pot of homemade soup and a loaf of bread can be a heavenly meal on a December day when the moon is in Cancer.