Thursday 1/22 The main action of the day may take place before noon, in spite of sudden movements after noon.  Attend to details in the morning, even though it may feel as though you’re pushing a boulder that keeps sliding in the wrong direction. You do have to pay attention to the task at hand, but when you don’t try so hard, it may glide into position.

The moon is void-of-course after 11:24 am EST and if you’ve been working the plow horse very hard, it might be time to enjoy a brisk cantor without a harness. In other words, make time to party in whatever way frees your spirit.

Venus is conjunct Uranus and Mars sextile Uranus. This creates a great deal of dynamic energy for spontaneous encounters, so plan to be in the vicinity of your intended or leave yourself open to new possiblities. Whether romantic or inspired, the opportunity for the unusual is high.