Christmas Eve 12/24 The moon in Scorpio until 6:13 am EST suggests a quiet contemplative beginning to the day. One to count your blessings; if you’re feeling lonely or alienated, take a walk somewhere you can see the sky. When the moon changes signs, so may your mood.

Then the shift occurs between two of the most disparate signs of the zodiac. We leave the intense focus of the Scorpio energy into the spontaneous spark of Sagittarius, which can be disruptive to some. But it can be nice when a Sagittarian moon shines over the Christmas Days, promoting a jovial atmosphere (although a proclivity for excess).

This moon isn’t exactly “shining”, however- because it’s balsamic (before the New Moon). So in spite of the holiday sparkle, there is a need for reflection. Remember to find some quiet time, no matter how “on” you may feel.

Today phone calls, emails and conversations will pop up unexpectedly. Whether they are delightful, weird or disruptive depends on other factors at play in your individual horoscope. Just keep light on your feet. You might want to keep your notebook handy because inspiration is flying and you’ll want to capture it.