Friday 12/26  The Sagittarian moon encourages new experiences; if you’re invited to a Kwanzaa feast, by all means go! Those who celebrate this new and evolving tradition will feel the power and richness of it.

A Mercury/Saturn trine indicates a tremendous opportunity to perfect an important communication or strengthen a sibling relationship. If there is a filing or electronic device you’ve been considering, this is a good day to figure it out (keep in mind Mercury retrograde comes next month).

The moon enters Capricorn at 6:56 pm EST heading towards a Pluto conjunction. This can indicate emotional intensitity. Be aware of who you choose to spend time with in the later evening. A soothing bath can wash away a lot of tensions. Or some quiet focussed journaling might work as well. This is the “dark of moon” before tomorrow’s New Moon. Reflect on what you’d like to start fresh.