New Year’s Eve 12/31  The morning still bodes well for initiating projects, especially ones involving internet ventures, green and/or humanitarian visions and networking. This is also the day that Saturn “stations” as it goes retrograde, so all contracts benefit from slow and steady perusal.

Since this is New Year’s Eve, if you make a resolution list, check it twice to be sure you’re putting down things you want to make happen. With a retrograde Saturn nagging at you, you will feel guilty about what you don’t fulfill, especially if it concerns health and exercise.

The moon goes “void of course” at 1:34 pm EST, so if you haven’t written it before then, you might as well wait until 7:27 pm. Lists, contracts and resolutions made in between those times are unlikely to be completed.

The evening’s Piscean moon lends itself to enjoyment of music, dance and the arts, as well as spiritual refreshment. You may want to limit availability of alcohol, because moderation is not maximum at this time.