Sunday 3/1  You may have a strong desire to stay home today, or at least lounge in very comfortable surroundings. After all the running around the past few days, spending time on one project or with one person seems preferable.

Creative projects or taking time to prepare a well-constructed meal can provide you with a great deal of pleasure. Later in the day you may need to go out and be more active, but while you can enjoy the moment- do that!

A Mercury / Mars aspect may spur on writers and lively dialogue. Tactfulness may not be at its best, so try to think of how your words may be heard before you fire them out. Unless of course, you’re not a person who cares about such things.

If you are usually tactful, or if your feelings are easily bruised, try to listen to the intention of the statement rather than its impact. Sometimes people can’t hear the truth in a disclosure because they take the delivery personally. But if the statement was not with malicious intent, there might be a modicum of wisdom in it…. might!