Saturday 3.21 AQUARIUS!!! OK, I’m a little excited that the moon is in Aquarius today… although personally, it doesn’t always feel 100% comfortable for me, but life is never dull.

Get out, get going, get inspired. It is Spring, after all. Be with people, even if you’re only walking in a crowd. The stimulus of other ideas, the chance of the unexpected, can pull you in the present. You may not want to be distracted, because you have very definite plans, but with the electric energy that abounds today, the odds are you will be.

If you’re cleaning out your closets, you may discard things you’ve had a long time. You may also find things that startle you. The Aquarian energy with the Aries Sun reminds you to shake up your routine because you’re here only a brief while; you might as well experience the unexpected now and again.