Tuesday 10/14  Neptune’s influence is strong today, increasing your proclivity for hope and unlimited potential. Unfortunately, those who have a tendency to feel victimized might see things going another way. Still, divine guidance is available for those who keep their heart open to it, so you might encourage a skeptical friend to experiment with prayer. It is a time when someone might be blown away by the power at his/her fingertips, if they can muster the courage to ask.

It is interesting to note the channel Blossom Goodchild has predicted a UFO visit today bringing messages of peace and love. Since Goodchild is a psychic, I doubt she consulted astrology to make her prediction. Nonetheless, this is a day charged with the accessibility of the highest octave of love. Whether or not you embrace it depends on how busy you are.

Regardless of whether extraterrestrials radiate white light to communicate today, many people may be feeling a deepening of their spiritual connections. The Full Moon in Aries occurs at 4:02 pm EDT. This symbolizes the individual’s desire to stand independently while reaching out to a partner. Mercury goes direct tomorrow so you may be aware of a lot of frenetic energy around you. Although you may want to dive into a new experience, patience will allow clearer decisions after the fire of desire subsides.