Wednesday 10/15  After all the fast turns the past couple of days, a Taurus Moon can indicate life slows down. You may feel you’ve encountered a wall right where you were planning to walk. People may not demonstrate a great deal of adaptability, but if you can move through stubborn resistance, you can get where you’re going. Frustration will increase if you doggedly push ahead in spite of the huge obstacles. You will benefit from relaxing with your breath and enjoying nature’s beauty.

Mercury stations at 4:06 pm EDT, going into direct motion from our perspective here on Earth. This is often a volatile time for communications; try not to plan anything important for today.

Tempers can flare in the evening. Be sure to find some gym time or at least a brisk walk. If the body is allowed a physical release it can mitigate the potential for a harsh exchange. A leisurely dinner may take the edge of any remaining tension.