As I write this, I am listening to the “quiet Beatle”; admittedly I had to go to my daughter’s room first (she keeps “borrowing” my speakers)

Why am I finding a parallel in Harrison and the “Occupy Wall Street” movement? Because astrology is based on the premise: “as above, so below“. Our celestial filament is a moving picture of symbols that when juxtaposed with what is happening here on Earth offers us insight.

When we take the time to reflect on the heavens, we see how we are marching in step with the cycle of evolution, or kicking and screaming against it (which has it’s own synchronistic manifestation).

So back to George. He died in 2001, but the horoscope “lives” on; the spark of any lifetime can be ignited to brightness through transits (where planets are in the sky at any given time).

With the HBO broadcast of Scorsese‘s film Living in the Material World on Oct 5, Harrison is thrown into the public eye with all his brilliance. According to the LA Times his wife, Olivia refers to a letter: “It was in 1965… He was writing home and told his family, ’I know that this isn’t it. I knew I was going to be famous, but now I know I can reach the real top of what man can achieve, which is self-realization.’ He knew then that (material reward) wasn’t it.”

As Uranus in Aries (nascent and confrontational impulse for change) confronts Pluto in Capricorn (powerful and unyielding transformation in corporate institutions and the status quo), George Harrison‘s spirit has released healing music over electronic airwaves and our memories.

Harrison was born with Pluto in Leo on his MC (career point) with strong configurations to the Scorpio Moon (indicating a seductive ability to attract the public) and Mercury in Aquarius (the unusual messenger). There’s a well to plumb here, but suffice to say this: it is time to hear his message in a more concrete way. Transiting Pluto is in his 3rd house of communications and Uranus in his 5th house of creativity.

The synastry between George Harrison and Martin Scorsese is “textbook”. These two men complement one another… whether or not they ever met; Scorsese‘s Scorpio Sun and Pisces Moon is a mirror to Harrison‘s Pisces Sun and Scorpio Moon.

Both men were born with Neptune at 1° Libra. Harrison‘s Neptune was retrograde, which increases the possibility that Scorsese‘s direct motion Neptune brings Harrison‘s spiritual love message to more conscious integration. The planet Neptune symbolizes (among other things) our Universal Unconscious, or how we’re all connected in the Cosmic Soup. That’s why Neptune is often prominent in musicians and filmmakers, because their messages often go beyond the verbal and hit us in an emotional place.

I have no doubt this film with it’s subtle and true message: Living in the Material World will dovetail like a mantra for many aligned with the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. It’s interesting to note that this music was introduced in 1973, as opposed to the 1985 Madonna Material Girl with the same line threaded through it. The transiting planets were in different configurations from the ’70’s to the ’80’s (but that’s another story).

In what way will you choose to be “Living in the Material World”? It will be tough for many to chase after “things” with a lack of awareness as to the true costs.

Welcome back, George… your message stands to reach new ears and a receptive audience.