farm to tableAstrology JUNE 8, 2016

The Moon slips into Leo at 2:47 AM ET, so if you are a late night person or in a different time zone, you may fire up a bit with playfulness and creativity.

There is an overall lively thrust to the day, so if you are a more introspective type — collage, garden, cook or sit back and observe the theatrics.

“Collage, garden, cook” are all verbs that can be taken metaphorically; in the workplace, you might collage and put disparate people together to see what ideas they generate. Garden: cultivate a skill or encourage an employee to stretch. Cook: new concepts folded in with tried and true.

Leo energy encourages the Divine Child within each of us, so take the opportunity to experiment, explore and strengthen your inner gold.

Anything that is launched or started today benefits from careful communication. Be prepared to explain and support anything you put out into the greater world.

It’s especially important to consider any siblings or neighbors that might be affected by any endeavor. Even if it brings up a challenge, it may be worth doing, as long as you engage conversation with a willingness to listen and learn.

Terrific evening for late spring enjoyment.