Neptune goes direct early this month, which is certainly good for spiritual and creative pursuits.

We are in the Mars shadow, even though it will not go retrograde until December.

It’s helpful for you to know what house (area of life) of yours Mars is traveling. Mars is presently in early degree Leo. This is likely the area of your life where inertia is gathering before the Retrograde station. It will be where you experience reversals during the Retrograde of Mars.
As a result, you may have to really push anything you’d like to begin in November.

I’ll write more about the retrograde in December, but as a “heads up” try to get things in motion now, especially anything that personally speaks to you.

One thing you might want to delay, unless you absolutely must, is purchasing a car.

Mars is the planet associated with Aries and Scorpio. If these signs are strong in your horoscope, the odds are good Mars retrograde is not your favorite time.