bbForecast 9/7 A Libra Moon suggests this is a wonderful day for connections, although there are bumps in the ride.

Alliances can be forged and great results promised, but it’s important to honor your needs and recognize those of others. Grace gets better results than force, yet that doesn’t mean you have to deny your desires.

If necessary stand your ground, but do it with a smile. Anger can be an indicator of an injustice or grievance, but effective negotiation comes only when the anger stimulates but does not drive you.

Fast changes and upsets occur midday; keep alert. There may be too many choices, especially in the later day, like a buffet where you want to taste everything. You need to decide on small portions or limit your sampling.

Sometimes its advantageous to broadcast and sometimes its best to cozy up to a few intimate conversations. Whatever you choose, the idea is to have fun and please. Remember however, if you don’t please yourself, there is only so much substance to your giving. ©Cucinell 2013– all rights reserved

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