Loose ends don’t tie up neatly this morning; if you don’t aim to accomplish much you won’t be frustrated.

The moon is VOC* from 1:12 pm to 2:13 pm.

Once the moon enters Virgo, the thrust to accomplish tasks increases. You can party today, but you may also be cleaning up on the side (not a bad thing!)

If the weather allows it, enjoy a night of stars with the dark New Moon in Virgo at 11:04 pm. The Sabian Symbol is “A Merry Go-Round”. Coming off a highly distracting summer of personal and current events, you can turn your focus to that brass ring. If ever you’ve tried to grab on off a merry-go-round (I had the experience on a vintage one in Martha’s Vineyard) you know it’s no mean feat. You have to calculate velocity, distance and timing in order to achieve a snare.

The Virgo New Moon is the time to plant the seeds for goals related to diet, health, service, organization, design and details. It’s a “back to school” orientation to life. This might actually involve education, or it may be another plan to methodically reach an achievement.

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Leo, you do well to play: window-shop, go to a museum or performance, flirt, make some artwork.