2012 may be the “end of the world as we know it…”* Of course, we are already experiencing the shift, and October 28, 2011 is an end date on the Mayan calendar… we are racing towards an unprecedented evolutionary shift.

• Are you in a position to welcome the changes?

• Can you feel that life is “speeding up” and would you like more insight as to what direction to go?

• Do you feel a sense of your “life’s purpose”, but can’t make it happen or don’t know what it is?

• We are in a time of tremendous opportunity. Are you ready?

• How we do business is changing; are you prepared to work with those changes?

• Would like to plan with confidence and relate effectively with the people in your life?

Let’s make 2012 and beyond a “YES!”

NASA’s take on the solar activity reported for 2012.

R.E.M.’s celebratory embrace of irrevocable transitions….

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