Orville at work in the Wright Cycle Company Shop.

Orville at work in the Wright Cycle Company Shop.

Forecast 1/19  Mercury enters Aquarius in the wee hours, to begin a cycle of new ideas and inspired thought.

Although you may feel a sweeping momentum to accomplish a task, support is not necessarily there. Observe where the holes appear and make notes for future attempts at resolution.

The Sun enters Aquarius at 4:52 p.m. ET when winter steps into its frozen stasis: the coldest nights, the frozen moments and the sense that time is suspended in dormant slumber.

Aquarius occurs at the time of year when scents are limited, light is limited and we rely on electronics to get us through the dark.

Don’t get discouraged by seeming limits, instead concentrate on what you can do to buttress your endeavors. Every dream requires discipline to get off the ground.

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