Whether or not you celebrate Easter, there is high energy around spiritual connection. It is very important you have a sense of freedom or you may balk (basically, someone may act out to change the status quo).
Instead of feeling threatened or thwarted, get in touch with whatever piece of you is looking for a modification in the routine. If you check in with your Trusted Source, all will be well.

Forsythia Wildfire ©Cucinell 2010

The VOC moon after 4:58 pm ET is best spent out of doors or bouncing through ideas. The moon enters Capricorn at 9:07 pm ET which begins a few days of inspired manifestation, especially if you get out of your own way. Fears or hesitations may come up this evening, so look them square in the eye.

Venus/Pluto is making a sky picture that supports an unflinching dive into power when it comes from true value of Self.

Avoid late night conversations which can lead to misinterpretation and disagreement. You’ll be more logical in the morning.