1/1/2010 This is the day after the Lunar Eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer. The moon sweeps through squares with Saturn & Pluto in the wee hours, and there is a gathering momentum occurring. You may act on this or not; you may wake with an imperative desire or merely a cloudy sense of foreboding. Then again, you may wake up inarticulate but get sudden inspirations/distractions.

It is OK to take action until the moon goes VOC at 10:43 am ET. You may initiate a meeting or engage in a conversation that will have long-range consequences. Just know that they will not pan out entirely as you expect, especially if the action is initiated once the moon is VOC.

IMG_2550This is a great day for home and nesting activities that don’t involve shopping or new projects. Organize a closet, recycle, freecycle and lay groundwork for a New Year. The Moon enters Leo at 9:41 pm ET and your mood may shift to party and playtime.