2/23/2010 See yesterday’s notes which apply until 12:29 pm ET. There is a Sun/Pluto picture in the sky which really emphasizes the need to realize your desires. If it’s not happening today, you can at least put some time into visioning its potential.

The moon is VOC from 12:29 pm to 6:29 pm; since it’s in Gemini that can lead to a lot of spinning of wheels. Shopping or running errands may be very frustrating unless you’ve made pre-arrangements for every purchase/activity.

Otherwise this can be a satisfying afternoon to organize, file or finish focused tasks. The Moon enters Cancer at the end of the void, so a home dinner and/or leisurely bath is a lovely way to end the day.

If you can get to bed early, sleeping through the Moon/Saturn square is a great way to work the tension out in your dreams instead of reality.

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