2/2/2011 Will we have six more weeks of winter? Technically, yes- actually more than that… but will the groundhog dodge his shadow and give us a glimmer of hope?

    Bill and Phil

    This winter, I’ve been having my Groundhog Day moments, mid-week when the phone rings at 5 am to hear a mechanical voice tell me “there’s a 2-hour delay for school”. I shuffle back to bed after resetting my alarm and wonder: they couldn’t have decided that the night before?

    Today a Venus/Uranus picture in the morning can indicate a bit of friction as a streak of freedom chafes against desire. If you want something, there’s usually a cost involved and you have to decide if the sacrifice is too great.

    But it doesn’t necessarily have to be either/or, so give yourself some space to reflect on possibilities. We can hope Phil will reflect. However, he’s a rodent so reflection is not in his repertoire. The odds are if his shadow doesn’t spook him, the inclement weather might, and who could blame him?

    And yet, this Candlemas/Groundhog Day has a spirited New Moon in Aquarius which is exact at 9:31 pm ET. So theoretically, the possibilities are as limited as your imagination.

    An Aquarius, 2 Pisces and an Aries

    he New Moon opens a beautiful cycle to make things happen, especially if it involves networking and an openness to change. There’s an electric energy, and fire and air signs may feel charged to make things happen.

    The degree is 14 Aquarius and the Sabian Symbol is “A train entering a tunnel”… think in terms of entering darkness to break into another perspective. You can’t know everything before you do it the first time; you have to be willing to enter the darkness to get to the light.