Saturday 9/26 This is Johnny Appleseed’s birthday. It’s hard to believe that one man could cover a reported 100,000 square miles by foot to create orchards. He was a businessman, although he would barter food when someone couldn’t pay for the seeds. He lived with few possessions and traveled continually on his quest to spread apples. I’m thinking about him as a business model, although admittedly odd even in his own time.

I’ve read that although he made money, he gave most of it away. He wore rags and a tin pot on his head and read tirelessly from the Bible. Not exactly the profile of one of today’s enterprise leaders. But we know that profile is changing.

He was born an early Libra, whose legacy is still apparent on the world stage. U.S.A. = apples. With Pluto now in an early degree of a cardinal sign, you may have an opportunity to forge your own mark, depending on where it may touch your life.

After the “edginess” of the past couple of days, today’s Capricorn Moon invites quiet focus and application. What is your passion in work? This is time well spent to work on projects, shopping for practical purchases and business marketing.

In the evening, social encounters may be subdued; choose a quiet dinner party rather than an exotic choice which may not fit your mood.