The moon is in Scorpio today and when that happens, I know my intuition will be very active and my emotions will be roiling like the inner sea before the storm hits. This is not always volatile, but it is always intense. This is not the fate for everyone on the planet when the moon is in Scorpio. It is my stamp from birth. I was born with the moon in Scorpio. And because of other things going on in the sky at the time of my birth, emotions are released within me when the moon returns to that place.

Not everyone with a Scorpio moon has the same kind of experience I have. Every planet is taken into account when determining a person’s emotional profile, and since I had a couple of the “challenging” ones in the pot, I have learned to be hyper-aware when the 28 day cycle starts playing with my psyche.

I should know better than overdo, but some days I simply do. Today I was stretched and when I started being irrational, I knew it was time to step away and refocus. Oftentimes it’s the people closest to us that suffer the brunt of “moon-confusion”, because it’s so close to the emotional heart.

Fortunately, I know astrology. I knew what was going on when I got out of my way (and took myself away from my poor husband). I am past the pain cycle and into the empowerment, a much nicer place to be.

Your lunar cycle can be very useful if you have a lot of water (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) or a prominent lunar placement in your natal horoscope. It can help navigate relationships as you better understand your emotional barometer.