pamcommunionwebYes, I grew up Roman Catholic. I have made peace with this, thousands of dollars of analysis and years of wisdom later. It is difficult to find oneself in a religious community where one doesn’t fit. Shame, guilt and confusion haunted my waking hours and dreamtime.

But that was a long time ago. The hardest piece to reconcile was bridging the relationship with my parents, who I love deeply and are devout Catholics. We have forged unity based on the unconditional love that transcends the tenets of church doctrine.

Both my parents are elderly and my mother suffers from severe pain. She enjoys Reiki treatments from me, and I didn’t tell them when I recently read the Roman Catholic church decided to condemn the practice.

But today it is in the NY Times. I know they will read it; I know we will have a conversation. I trust they will stay on that bridge of unconditional love. And I am proud to be standing with the sisters who care more about easing pain and giving compassion, than the rules decreed by a papacy afraid to lose its power.

Reiki is nothing more than opening the heart to Divine Love… Jesus said: “Beloved, let us love one another, for Love is from God.”

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NY Times: Sisters in Jeopardy