Forecast 12/12 This is the last day you will ever see with repetitive numbers… we’ve been flowing in a numerological sequence every year since 2001 and it’s valuable, whatever your day looks like, to give some time to reflection. This is a day with endless possibilities; the way to have them go somewhere is to plan your day carefully with time for tangents.

Make sure you have time for movement; exercise stokes the creative fire within, even if it’s a simple walk. Read something that opens your mind, such as a spiritual book you keep nearby or a topic that fascinates you, like Egyptian archeology.

Think of today as a fire that needs tending; what you put into it has everything to do with how it fires your soul.

Tomorrow is the New Moon. When you’re tending your fire, be sure to throw into it everything you’re truly done with and watch it metamorphose into tomorrow’s promise. If you can join me at Opal Moon for our New Moon Gathering tonight, I would love to see you.

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