A reminder of what to expect from the Chiron transit, depending on your Sun sign (if you know your Rising Sign/Ascendant, this can add more dimension to the forecast)

Chiron in Pisces through the Sun Signs: Chiron in Pisces for 2010 through 2019


Aries– You may experience a vague sense of vulnerability and compassion that is not the norm for you. You are developing your innate spirituality, which depending on your lifestyle, may take some training. This will work beautifully if you are a musician, artist or minister. You may be surprised by some deep inner revelations that you can then channel into your art.

If you are troubled by shame, secrets, guilt or lack confidence (very uncomfortable feelings for an Aries), this may be an ideal time for you to work with a therapist. You might also explore a holistic modality that can help you release it, like past-life regression or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). If on the other hand, you are quite comfortable with your inner world, this can be a period when you you will want time alone to delve deeply.

This is not an overnight process, but can result in more decisive action as you move forward. You may become quite passionate about a cause or volunteer work. If someone asks for your help, you will want to offer it, but be wary of someone who seems chronically unable to pull it together. Unless this is someone appropriately dependent on you (like a child), avoid any "stray cats" that don’t have four legs.

Taurus– You may find yourself drawn to groups for healing. These can be for networking purposes, or groups you may actually lead or teach. They may also be places where you can find community for working through a problem or addiction. If you are interested in working with spiritual community, now is the time.

You might also enter groups if you make artwork or music, even if you’ve never done this before. For instance, a solo painter might decide to join a mural project. On the other hand, you may find a friend or several friends are going through some major challenges, possibly health or another debilitating preoccupation. You may need some support or guidance to cope with this situation, but whatever you do, don’t avoid it.

You may find that your core hopes and dreams are starting to change. You may question some of your aspirations and modify them. You may feel a need to do more service than you have in the past. On the other hand, you may feel unable to accomplish what you’d like, so what’s the point?

It’s OK to experience a sense of being adrift, because it teaches you compassion. But if you’ve been ‘at sea’ too long, it’s time to get on "meetup" and find a group that fits your purpose. A cooking or gardening with organics might be just the thing.

– This may be a career change time for you, depending on what your focus has been. You may find a need to ‘go green’, or if you’ve been corporate, move into a teaching or healing sector. If you haven’t changed jobs, you may find yourself championing the underdog or making waves to make a point. You may be considered a leader or you may be considered a maverick; it all depends on what your platform is; then again, you of all people could play both.

You may be wrestling with a problem at home that crops up in your work life. It is essential you develop skills to tend to both, or you will start to identify with an inability to separate your home responsibilities from your profession. You can’t neglect either one at the cost of the other. You must be up front with both sides about your commitment to the other.

Even if you want to, you cannot be invisibile at work. What you do will be seen and will probably generate strong reactions. Remember how critical it is to listen to people. It may also be possible that a greivance from your past thrusts you out in the limelight with a message to be heard.

Cancer– Depending on what direction your career is going, you may have an impulse to go back to school. Your motivation stems from wanting to learn more about something that will fill a need, perhaps for others but it must also benefit you. You may not know initially what your hunger is, but there is a longing that will start you searching for answers. This certainly can lead you to another career or bring more validation to one you’re already working.

Instead of going back to school, you might be teaching something to help others. This might also be a period when you decide to travel for a cause, like the Peace Corps or to spread awareness about the environment. If you’re a musician or an artist, you could get an opportunity to travel connected to your work.

If you’re involved in litigation, however painful the process may be, you will want to see it to the end. You may also consider publishing but whatever it is, the publication will have a healing component for you as well as the reader.

Leo– This is a beneficial time for you to consider your relationship with investing. Although you may unearth some discomfort about shared finances, the wisdom you will gain from the digging will be worth the friction. It’s highly possible things are not well-defined in this area of your life at this time, but this is an opportunity to address that.

You may suffer a loss and at the same time, gain an inheritance. This is not necessarily a death, but it does indicate a “letting go” process. Old habits or a family legacy may indicate the cracks in your system; it may be time to overhaul your bookkeeping for taxes.

You may be putting too much pressure on your sexuality; if it’s not fun then it might be time to talk about it with someone you trust. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant, it may be time to present yourself to a holistic practitioner to find methods that may be a better fit for you.

On the “lighter” side, you may pursue an interest in the occult: you may go to seances or learn about astrology.

– A relationship may require a great deal of your time right now. Someone you’re involved with may be going through a difficult period and you will need to be flexible. If you work theapeutically, this may indicate one or several people who have an acute wounding and a creativity to work through it.

If you’re not in a relationship, be aware of a tendency to attract (and be attracted to) someone who is a maverick, a shaman, a “wounded healer” or all of the above. You may decide just how involved you’re going to get with his/her journey. The simplest solution may be to organize his/her closet and duck out, but that depends on how you feel when meeting one another’s eyes.

This may also indicate it is a great time for you to see a therapist, coach or counselor. If you feel you’re ready to break through some barriars, now is the time.

Libra– You may find yourself struggling with an exercise program. If you’re so eager to please, you may sign yourself up for a routine that doesn’t allow you alternatives. It is vitally important for you to find the right fit. It is time to seek a system that is going to work for you, not just the one that your best friend recommends.

If you have a pet, make sure s/he’s drinking good water. Pets are particularly sensitive to chemicals, bacteria, etc in water, because their bodies are usually much smaller than humans. Make sure your pet gets proper exercise and nutrition as well as yourself.

If you don’t have a pet, this is a time when one might find you. This can be very healing for you, but be sure you have it all checked out by a vet before you adopt. A co-worker or pet may have something to “teach” you at this time.

Scorpio– You are in a cycle of taking risks. As long as your eyes are wide-open, these can have results that strengthen your spirit. You do want to be aware when you gamble that it is a risk you can afford.

If the risk involves romance, it may have a fated quality that provides you seemingly with no choices. You are passionate by nature and the opportunity to lose yourself in a haunting love affair may be too delicious to pass up. On the other hand, you may feel the sting of a lost obsession and prefer a solitary path for awhile.

This can be a period of tremendous creativity where you open to vistas and an inner life that you’ve not yet explored. If you’re an artist, actor or dance this may be a period of soulful production. If you’ve never considered yourself artistic, you may feel moved to take a pottery or stained glass class.

Sagittarius– Your home may require some of your attention, if you can slow down enough to notice. For example, there may be a drip but the source can’t be determined. Whatever the project, if you can find time to devote to it, you may feel a sense of fixing something more than the house. The challenge is, it may take awhile.

If you don’t live somewhere you love, a longing may come over you to find a home. You may be struck with childhood memories and a wound may surface, or it could be a concern of your mother’s and you’re involved because of her. Although this may not feel like a comfortable period of time, it is causing you to look at pieces of the past that need to be released.

You may decide to look for a new place to live, or you may have to move because of a work obligation. You will in time move from the feeling of not being the “captain of your ship”. The main lesson here is as long as you can take your quick mind and adaptability with you, you will always land on your feet.

Capricorn– You cannot scrimp on car maintanence at this time. Then again, you may find yourself getting around differently than you have in the past. This can lead to inventive commuting or telecommunications.

You may be about to begin a new process that will change structures and break down patterns in your written words. This can occur with all communications, whether it’s email or how you market a product. You need to strip away what is not authentic, to get to the heart that connects your message.

Your siblings or neighbors may require some assistance from you. You may be learning something new from them, either through healing, spiritual or creative occupations.

Aquarius– You may be dealing with expenses for health or responsibilities that don’t leave you a lot of funds for fun. Your tendency may be to let money ebb and flow through your fingers. Now’s the time to learn methods to gain a handle on the sweep of your funds so that you feel more aware of its patterns.

It is important to give your body the foods and rest it needs. You may be inspired to give yourself a makeover or freshen your wardrobe. You may want to hold up a mirror and evaluate whether your appearance really reflects your values. You may be redefining what those are.

If you’ve been holding tightly to funds, you may experience a loss. Although this may be understandably upsetting, it does not need to leave a lasting imprint. Sometimes it takes a loss to allow you to really recognize what is important.

Pisces– The past several years you may have wanted to do something but couldn’t gather the energy, or you may have felt as though you were on a solitary journey. Now you may put your message out there and it is going to feel real. Not everyone will be attracted to what you need to say, but the ones who are will be on the same page. As a result, make sure that what you’re putting out there is what you want to get back.

You may be in the process of healing from a difficult phase, but you are now out in the world and able to forge new paths in your life. You may want to pursue or market a creative vision; this may be your time to make strides if you’re a singer or actor.

If you’ve felt invisible at times, you may be aware this is changing. You may feel strongly connected with a cause or a movement. If you’ve suffered an injury, addiction or injustice, you can choose whether you strive forward or stay with the identity of the wounded. An overall sense of spiritual connection will give you a solid base right now.

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