12/24/2010 Christmas Eve has a Leo moon which lends itself well to playtime and glamorous events. If you’re feeling there’s not enough (love or money), then step out of yourself and do some volunteering.

The truth about our planet is there’s always someone else who needs a hand more than you do. We all get into a “blue funk” at times, and midday ET may feel particularly raw for you.

If you can’t do some good work today, reflect on when you last did and resolve to do some more after the holiday. I can guarantee you’ll still be needed.

Zuzu's Petals

Today, find a child to play with or a story you always love to hear. For me, George Bailey of It’s a Wonderful Life always touches my heart. What I love most is the range of emotions Jimmy Stewart runs through on that fateful night. In the end he savors the present like a man back from starvation.

I came from a family of entrepreneurs that never were highly successful at it. And I remember my own storefront which people loved but never made a profit.

The balance of power is shifting, where the East used to focus on spiritual matters and the material seemed elusive. Now the East has gained financial clout and the West looks inward.

Today it’s important to reconcile what your needs are with what you want. If it’s not happening in your life, than do the best you can to validate both.

I wish you a beautiful Christmas Eve, however you play it, whether it’s a sacred night for you or one for Chinese food and a movie in a pretty quiet theater. Peace on Earth and Good Will to All.