7/10/2010 Moon VOC* 6:17 to 7:38 am ET.

The Virgo moon over the weekend sets up a more cohesive time to get things done. If your work week was frustrating, this can offer the antidote.

And if you work on the weekend, this can be a productive couple of days. However, you must address the heavy emotional charge that pulses along or it will catch you by surprise.

Today is the balsamic moon (the day before the New Moon). You can go within yourself to find the seed of what you want to bring forth. The theme revolves around home, nurturing, family and memory.

Although this may bring up some difficult feelings, it is always important to know your feelings.

Venus enters Virgo, which increases any impulse to help or fix a situation. If you want to rid of something unpleasant before it has time to work its way out, remember that a small amount of pus is a healthy body’s way to erradicate infection. (sorry for the graphic but effective image)

Thomas Eakins

The fact that pus appears means the body is working its way to health. So the discomfort you may feel emotionally is your soul’s way of guiding you to greater awareness.

Although the impulse may be to lance it out as quickly as possible, you have to let it do its work in order to ensure it doesn’t fester again.