As painful as it may be to realize, I don’t think accidents really happen. Or let me say that differently; an accident gets our attention and pulls us into the present. Everything else we were doing pales in importance compared to the accident.
I was in a car accident last week and am very grateful no one was seriously hurt. I’m evaluating what the accident has shown me, other than it’s time to take a defensive driving refresher. From an astrological perspective, it’s important for all of us to be hyper-aware and present while in motion. There is A LOT of erratic energy bouncing about, coupled with a simmering force that can erupt unexpectedly. So to paraphrase a popular television program from the ’80s: “Be Aware Out There!”

We may all be victims of random circumstance; but I doubt it. As many times as I have felt like a pebble being bounced and thrown in a cascade of coincidence, I have also felt like a smooth stone skimming over glassy water. If you’ve ever spent time with a young person who declares: “that’s so random!”, you start to observe nothing indeed is.

So it is with humble respect I note the Lunar Eclipse which occurs, depending on where you stand on Earth, the same day as the Winter Solstice. I am not going to wait until 12/21/2010 to broadcast this, because it’s too important. It’s also worth noting that Venus comes out of her shadow the day before the solstice. This may signal an increase in your holiday spirit if it had been eluding you.

First, to highlight the eclipse. For the early-risers (or late-nighters) the entire event will be visible from North America on 12/21/2010 . It’s likely the moon will appear red and copper, so for those of you who can view it, get ready to make a memory.

The time of the exact line-up is 3:13 am ET. This occurs at the critical degree of 29:21 Gemini. The Sabian Symbol is: “A parade of bathing beauties before large beach crowds”. Instead of grabbing at the typical imagery this conjures, consider the verb bathing. The horoscope has a seductive Venus in Scorpio rising. What I’m getting at is the call to submerge yourself in a greater vision.

What is key is to avoid the temptation to succumb to any “glare” that demands your attention. I expect there will be a lot of spin in the news at this time, which will distract many people. It is far more useful to do something concrete than to get caught up in worrying about things you can’t control. My concern is the pressure of a Grand Cross in the sky may create an untenable situation. People/countries who are born in late mutable (just before the sign changed out of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces) may be the most vulnerable to this stress.

The antidote is to prepare. Know what your priorities are. Stay on track but if you get sideswiped, ask yourself- what is your core purpose that you need to make happen? If you’re not sure this is a time to reflect.

On the heels of the eclipse, the Winter Solstice sets up a promise for a new paradigm. The Sun enters Capricorn and demands a new work ethic, emulating wisdom (Pallas Athena), a recognition of destiny (North Node), and a willingness to transform (Pluto). This may be a very emotional passage- but it is indeed, a rebirth (Moon in Cancer).

If you meditate, pray or “take a moment”: picture a doorway, a portal to a new tomorrow. You have the power to step through it on your terms in your mind and in your heart. Think, imagine, feel only what you want to happen… and know it can.

Just for today, just for your moment, allow yourself to believe in the possibility of your tomorrow. The more present and focused you can be with this as an inevitable outcome, the more it will be. Hold the impression for as long as you can and make a memory of it. You can refer to this memory whenever you need a goal refresher.